National Disability Day

National Disability Day

National Disability Day June 14 is the National Disability Day in Georgia. In order to bring to society’s  attention to some of the challenges that persons with disabilities face in Georgia during and beyond pandemic, Sweden Alumni Network Georgia recorded a video clip which was aired on public broadcaster and other TV channels. Alumni Network […]

Series of Webinars

In response to restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 pandemic, Sweden Alumni Network Georgia developed a series of webinars in form of talks with successful alumni. In the framework of this project, as the speakers were invited successful alumni, in particular Chairman of Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA), Head of Georgia’s Innovational and Technology Agency, Head […]

Workshop on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Women’s’ Role in Mediation

ADR Development Project is a multi-step system of activities.The Firs activity was Workshop: ADR and Role of Women in Mediation. Since August the Project was resumed. For the second step Booklet and tutorial videos about Ways of Dispute Resolution are planned to be prepared and spread. Additionally, several legal  forums regarding ADR are planned to be implemented […]